19 January 2016

Bajrangi bhaijaan

hi Assalamualaikum wazap you guys uhuks

so sorry for taking a long time to update something on this blog, i think this blog is so regret for having a dizzy blogger like me, i guess

and a million sorry for not fulfill my promise to update about hari anugerah cemerlang, cause im pretty sure that the post will be the most emmm emm nvm

so guess what?? please

have u watched this movie?

*pssttt thats my boyfriend lews

thanks for those who already watching this movie muehehhe

and for those who r not yet..................................................................

im begging you please, please 

im not sure at all whether this movie has been launching in malaysia or not (cause i got this movie from my neighbour huehuehue)

so here i am

tbh, i never interested with these movies, especially the bollywood, and guess what i never know how look is Kareena, Kajol , so do Asywarya Raiiii, yes i never know. so surprising well

so i did it after watching the 3 Idiots, and that was 4 years ago, i think thats my first Bollywood film.

and time flies.....

that was 2012, and here is the story what was happened on the last 2015

waktu tu dah nak menghampiri hari2 terakhir disember, and i stayed with my sis as my mother went to Hatyai. so then she asked me to accompany her and i was like


okay waktu tu ada launching Discover Kedah 2016, so three of us (including her friend) berjalan la dekat menara tu kan huhhuh sambil2 dengar org karok ataspentas tu, and i could see Iqbal from Ceria Pop Star tu kot, kot laaaaa i used not to know who is Iqbal lol

to tell you the truth, schedule actually to be on 11.30 pm, but it was already 11.45 and kami takleh nak masuk cinema lagi whatzzzzzz air pun dah nak habis


rupanya MB Kedah join tgok Dilwale sekali muehehheheh so the Dilwale was started on 12 am huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

first time i tengok hindustan menangis2 tau, ops sorry my first movie that i watched and i used to cry is Taare Zameen Par ( a film about a boy and his teacher who was acted by Amir Khan)

balik rumah tu memang layan ah dilwale semua lagu dia aku download, tengok dekat llaptop and repeat and repeat for thousand times doesnt make me bored

butttttttt something hits me...........

anith bawak pendrive mai rumah, and dia ajak aku tengok Bajrangi Baijaan, ya allah sumpah weh title pun tudiaaaaa


ahhh suka hati ja aku cakap macam tu, rasa bersalah gila doe hehehehehehhehe


i just hold her words, alkisahnyaaa

this film is quite boring at the beginning but im so impressed with the cute childddd omggg and i found out her name, Harshaali

Bajrangi Baijaan ni mengisahkan tentang seorang budak bisu nama dia Shahida, and shes from Pakistan. well said Pakistan ni kan berjiran dengan India.

so si ibu shahida ni nak bawak lah shahida pergi berubat dekat Delhi, lepastu bila dah nak balik Pakistan, kereta api rosak kat tengah jalan. and Shahida ni goat lover, dia nampak byk sgt kambing so dia turun dari kereta api tu. lepas tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

kereta api tu berjalan and Shahida kena tinggaaallllllll alahaiii

Shahida ni terjumpak dengan Salman Khan and emmmm

ha start situ la Salman buat mcm2 nak hantar Shahida ni balik. it was quite difficult journey as this Shahida is a girl that unable to speak.

ada pulak satu hal tu yang Salman tak boleh pergi pakistan sebabkan government bekukan passport and visa hmm

but at the ending, no no im not going to tell u what happens.just watch by urself.

and Kareena is supposed to be Salman's gf huhuhu

and im pretty sure most of u will burst into tears sebab filem ni memang sedih gila weeehhhh OMG OMG fuh fuhhhh 

kalau nak ikutkan hati yang suci dan murni, memang filem ni win lagi dari Dilwale uhuks sorry Shah Rukh Khan hehehhe


12 January 2016

welcome 2016

Assalamualaikum and a very good midnight to all of you (lol) 🌜

so im getting here after almost two months finishing my SPM heh and it sounds so great but in facts its really not 😈

how time flies....

last post was on Sep 2014. 2014 okayyyyy??!!!! it has been almost two years. two yearssss

im stuck here, tbh ive got no ideas. no ideas what im going to update here.

wanna share you what happened on the last 2015? is it interesting? fuhh i dont think so


wanna share you what im going to do on this 2016? its really annoyed. ( ya la, its quite funny to share my dreams, hope so here) 

hmmm so apa niiii nak tulis apa niii

i just deleted all of my funny posts, so you got no chances to laugh and saying 


look here. 

ok so i decided to share you what happened on the last good year

its quite hard to accept the new environment in 5H, the new friends, teachers. i mean the new classmates.(sebab aku turun kelas ghahahhahahhahaghahahahha) well said on the 2014 i was so busy with my KRS skuad and i didnt even care what will happen onto my results. 

so when i was in 5H. i tried my best and the best so best ergh tp 5H paling best kot. sebab ada Cikgu Mashitah wuhuuuuu (i really love her) 💓💓

find me ahaks 

and my Yarmuk did so well on Sports Day. being partner with syafiq was the most great moment hahahahahhahahaha bukan sebab apa. sebab kononnya orang cakap syafiq ni tak cakap dengan perempuan so aku dah mindset syafiq will not giving me a good cooperation i guess. but i was totally wrong !!!!

syafiq is the good headteam!!! syafiq helped me a a lot as i was so busy with hari guru ngeh ngeh ngeh

and unexpectedly, i met someone in yarmuk and i really never know who r that. he supposed to give me his shirt and ask me to do something on his shirt and i was like 


but he used to pekakkan telinga and tetap bg aku baju tu haiz

day by day,the friendship became more stronger than i expected.
until no more gaps fuh fuhhh melawak jer

this is Imran Yippiee (he used to yippiee every single day tho)

ada tukang kebun la huhuhu. introducing that is amin

hello this is our yarmuk!

this is King Cobra. he named it ok

ada shrek (or hulk)

ada snow white dalam Khaiibar

our enemies *sparkling

hello from the other sideeeeee *waving

my loyal assistant(ssss)

struggling between yes or no *holding his shirt (lol)

yarmuk ada pooh

as we did it well, alhamdulillah im so glad that yarmuk is announced as the winner of perbarisan buahahhahahahhahah smpai ke sudah still lagi riak dengan yarmuk walaupun total out yarmuk dapat number dua disebabkan geng puteri banyak kalah dalam sukan hahahhahahahaha

the cool view

may i conclude something? the shirt that i just mentioned was the white one. cantik kan 

its already 3 am. i used to get a sleep. till we meet on my new post. hari anugerah cemerlang will be the main title hehehehh hambar lagi huhuhuhuhu okay lah 

13 September 2014

ajal maut di tangan tuhan


assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

so do here i am.

begin with the kalimah of Allah is much better.
The Almighty.



i lost my dad and so do my bestfriend on the same year. So i keep thinking, why this year is really really tough for me eh? i lost two people that i love the most. two people who keep spending their time with me.

last 20th February 2014, i lost my love. the time brought me to the unexpected tragedy that i never imagine. it took a long period that i need to realize that i lost him.

it was quite tough for me so do my family especially my mommy. susah la nak terima yang ayah sendiri takda depan mata. Abah dulu la yang manage segala hal rumah. Anak anak mintak apa semuanya ditunaikan. He was a quite man. never scold his kids.

Abah, i am the lucky one because i had give you a happiness on my successful in PMR. yahh,two months after, pada hari yang sama abah disahkan menghidap stroke dan malam tu, aku sempat jumpa Abah only for two hours. i arrived there and i saw some machines around Abah's bed.

and i can see Mommys's tears.

abah,I love you.




allahu.she is my dear bestfriend. ya, one of my favourite friends. a doctor, a great motivater, a mommy and a good, a student who is staying at hostel like me for sure la will spend their time more at their hostel than their home.

so for this year, ummi memang aktif. ummi masuk mcm2 jenis sukan. so ummi rumah Khaibar sama dengan aku.so evrywhere i go for sure with her la.

and i remember, how ummi came to me in the midnight.waktu tu aku dengan farhana dok atas katil menyembang sambil baring. fuhhhh agak menyengat ahhh sebab waktu tu semua pakat dah tidur. and just two of us left. ummi panjat katil aku tetiba and i was like


but for ummi, she never care what people said or scold to her. And ummi still with her annoyed face. like usually, she will request me to sing one of her favorite song, terbang tunduk by fynn jamal,

even she know how my voice look is -,-


listen to my heart.

i ws never imagine that you will leave us here. it was never supposed to be. Allah loves you more that us do. your smile when i visited you for the last will i keep in deep of my heart. even waktu tu hang dah tak senyum kat aku, hang dah terbaring kaku atas katil, tapi hang tetap senyum, aku cium hang lama, and i feel you never care cause you already see your place there, Jannah..your voice. Allah, its really tough for me to accept.

i do admit, i need to be strong so do i will hide my tears in front of your mom. let the day be remembered.

may Allah keeps us in His blesiings. Ameen